CW Part 2

In 2016, I posted that I was learning CW by taking the CW Ops level 1 course. I did complete the class, made two on air QSO’s then life got in the way of the ham radio hobby and until recently, I left CW alone. In January this year, I decided to get started again and set a goal to make 100 CW QSO’s by the end of the year.

I started reviewing the CW Ops materials I had from 2016. I also copied the all the K7QO code course mp3 files to my phone so I could listen to that while in the car. In addition to those two things, I am also trying to listen to live QSO’s on the radio. Most of them go too fast for me to not miss a bunch of characters. Some QSO’s are difficult due to timing or no spacing. I heard a CQ call that sounded like “CQCQdeCallSignk”. There were no spaces in between the characters or words. One long string of dits and dahs.

So far, I am making progress. I relearned the alphabet, numbers and a few punctuation marks, and am trying to gain faster recognition so I can understand more.

I did make my first CW QSO of the year last week. It was a bit of a mess but we managed to actually exchange enough info to make an official QSO! That lead to an exchange of emails and this fellow ham and I made another scheduled QSO and he’s going to help me make more so I can practice CW! Gotta love the ham radio community!

If anyone is thinking of trying to learn CW, do it! If I can do it, then I think most people could do it as well. It’s going to take some effort and time but what doesn’t? 73.


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3 responses to “CW Part 2

  1. Hi Wayne – just wanted to say hi and encourage you to keep going with your CW as Gurbux said above. I was reminded a few minutes ago of how CW becomes its own language with its own rhythm and music when I tried to explain to my wife what a great callsign VU2BK was in CW (he was also a great operator BTW). You can say it out loud as didididah dididah etc. but you have to feel CW to understand what I was trying to explain. Stick at it, you’ll get there! Hope to work you once condx start improving.
    73, Colin

  2. Gurbux Singh

    I am glad that you did not give up but persevered
    and are on the road to becoming a proficient CW operator. It is not uncommon to hear bad sending like you describe and I would say that one should try to record a QSO you make and see how you sound. Most people will be surprised to hear how they sound on the air.
    73, Gurbux

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