End Fed Antenna 40-6m

After some research on the Internet, I decided to build another antenna. I figure one can’t have too many antennas and this one would be a quick build. I chose the earchi 40-6m End Fed matchbox. The plans for it are available on the Emergency Amateur Radio Club of Hawaii’s web site. It’s an easy build and from what I have read on the ‘Net about it, it said to work well.

A trip to Radio Shack and Lowe’s provided all the components except for the torrid cores which I had to order online. The first picture is the wound core.

The second picture is the completed matchbox.

The connections are very straight forward is you follow the instructions to the letter.  I cut a 30 ft piece of wire and crimped/soldered a ring terminal to the end of it. According to my research, various people use various lengths of wire with this. I chose 30 ft as that’s is what the club supplies if you purchase a completely built antenna from them.

I though this antenna would be an quick and easy one to deploy in the field if needed.

I have used this antenna a few times. The first time was in June during Field Day. I had my homemade Buddistick in use, and decided to take a break and put this antenna up. I threw some paracord over a branch and hauled up the wire. It worked great, about the same as the Buddistick in terms of signals heard. I have also used it at home a couple times with similar results. It is going to be a nice antenna to have in the kit for certain situations. 



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2 responses to “End Fed Antenna 40-6m

  1. Bill, K1NIT

    I’ve built a couple of them. If you buy everything new, the cost will be about $10, certainly a good price for a remarkable antenna. I use one with 42 feet of antenna wire, and with my Icom IC-706/AT-180 combination, can load up on 160 through 6. de K1NIT.

  2. David

    To save readers a bit of time: The Aloha EARC stopped selling the EFHW antenna and matchbox kits in Feb. 2015, but build plans are available here:


    According to the plans, the radiator should be between 24′ and 60′ and the coax feeder (which acts as the counterpoise) should be 16′ or longer. The matchbox contains a 9:1 UnUn. An additional external antenna tuner is still required.

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