Homebrew Buddistick Project – Part 3

I have had a couple of comments regarding the 80m coil for the homebrew Buddistick.  I had a few minutes today to set it up and try to get it tuned into 3.897.5 which is the frequency for the Arkansas Razorback Net. I think the 80m band might be difficult for this antenna. I was able to get it tuned to the right frequency with a SWR of about 1.4. But the low SWR “width” is not very wide. It won’t cover the entire 80m band without having to adjust the radial in or out.  So I think this would be a very narrow bandwidth antenna on this low of a frequency.

This is the note I got from Budd when I asked about 80m to begin with:

The homebrew Buddistick works well on 80 Meters. Use PVC couplers to allow yourself to go to one inch OD for the coil. The coil length I used Is 11″.  Use the same wire suggested for the other coils….insulated wire. Same gauge. If you wind 110 turns on that one inch form, that coil will be about 9 inches long.  The single elevated radial will be about 66′ long and the wire should be stored on a kite line winder.  This coil, with a Long Whip (9′) on top, should resonate on the bottom end of 80 Meters.  Try that info and tell us where it resonates. Your final adjustments will be on the radial. If you want to go up to say 3900 MHZ, take some turns off the coil after you make your initial measurements.

So the narrowness of the SWR curve was expected. I did turn on my radio to see what I could hear,  but tuning through the 80m band, I couldn’t hear anything.  Not being familiar with 80m, I don’t know what kind of activity to expected at 4:3o in the afternoon.  I won’t give up. I’ll work on it again but it’ll be a few days.

I am still happy with the homemade Buddistick antenna and my homemade Buddipole. I have also made the homemade Buddipole. I will write a post about that in the near future.




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6 responses to “Homebrew Buddistick Project – Part 3

  1. KC8MWG

    My commercial Buddistick set came with the standard 40-10 coil and radial, and a 6′ whip. What dimensions do I need, as far as wire gauge, diameter, length, and # of turns, to resonate on 75m? Also, do I need a longer whip?

    • The 80m instructions I have specify a 1″ OD coil with 110 turns of wire, the same wire used per W3FF’s plans on the Internet. The home-brew version uses a 9 ft whip.

  2. José R, Vega - KP4VP

    Hello from KP4 Land. I built a buddistick with GREAT results. As a matter of fact, my CW signal traveled more than 8400 miles from my QTH in Puerto Rico to Japan. I’m interested to know how to build a 80 meter coil. Let me know how it worked for you…

  3. Daniel

    Hello, I was wondering if you could more details about this 80m coil. I get that the coil should be 11″ but what about the radial? Any help would be appreciated.


    • 1 inch OD for coil, 11″ in length. Same wire as other coils for 110 turns which takes up about 9 inches. The single radial is 66 feet long. The doc I got from Budd says it should work at the bottom of 80M. Of course you have to adjust it if you want to go higher, say 75 meters.

      • dash2439

        Do you have the measurements for what it would take to get to 3900 MHz? I’m looking for number of coil turns specifically. Thanks!

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